About Us

We provide aerial photography and videography for all your needs:

***  Drones are used to quickly and accurately survey construction job sites and build maps.  The job can be done in half the time and cost.

*** Need to inspect power lines or towers?  The drone will provide pinpoint accuracy and stunning detail.

*** Are you in the farming industry?  We can monitor your livestock on vast amounts of land saving you time and money.

*** We provide search and rescue operations, inspect roofs and provide aerial photos and videos for realtors, weddings and parties.

the company's latest drone is the matrice 210 RTK

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We want you to feel that you’re a part of the experience



Aerial Photographers

Aerial Photographers

We provide quality, customized aerial photography and videography for most anything:  Weddings, Parties, Real Estate Listings, Construction  Inspections, Surveillance, Commercials,

etc .  No job too small or too large.  Scan disc included. Extra charge for editing service.  We operate in the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas. A surcharge will apply over 100 miles.  Will go out of state for the right price.


Aerial Photographers

Aerial Photographers

Aerial Photographers

Our photographers have their  FAA Part 107.00 CFR 14 license and provide quality aerial videography and photography using the latest drone technology.


Why Us?

Aerial Photographers

Why Us?

 Expect top notch customer service. We value our customers and will listen to our customer’s needs and perform the aerial video professionally and safely.  Safety is the #1 priority.

Accepted Method Of Payment

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card